Instill is a beacon for excellence in teacher and school leadership development on the African continent. As an accredited* higher education institution we will provide world class contact and distance degree programmes that ensure newly qualified teachers are provided with skills relevant to the 21st Century classroom. Our in-service programmes** provide cost-effective, flexible, data-driven resources curated from global best-practice to schools that will measurably improve the performance of teachers, and capacitate schools to take responsibility for their own professional development and strategic planning.

To date, Instill has:

  1. Worked in 15 private, non-profit and public schools in South Africa

  2. Trained over 1000+ teachers

  3. Spent over 1800 hours delivering programmes in schools

Delivery approach

Our ultimate goal is to increase learner engagement and time-on-task in every lesson, improving the quality of teaching and learning, and raising learner outcomes. Inspired by methodologies like Teach Like a Champion and Reggio Emilia, our model ensures our teachers build core instructional skills that can be immediately applied in the classroom in a coherent, structured and logical manner. 

Our blended, competency based approach comprises the following learning cycle: 

  1. We focus on core, bite-sized skills that matter most; 

  2. then we practice to ensure skills are embedded; 

  3. finally we provide regular feedback in the form of individual coaching. 

Teachers access resources through an online platform and workshop time can be dedicated to practice and ironing out misconceptions. We break down topics so they can be easily digested and applied in the classroom. We focus relentlessly on techniques that are shown to drive learner engagement and build skills using structured simulations that give time and space to practice. We follow up on sessions through observations, feedback and individualised coaching, allowing teachers to build a toolkit of skills and techniques in an incremental, rigorous manner, with immediate benefits for their classroom practice. 

*we are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) in South Africa, with final approval to admit students pending review of our first campus (expected August 2019)

**our content is endorsed by the South African Council for Educators (SACE)

Clients and Partners

β€œIt is clear that Instill Education cares deeply about developing classroom teachers. The professionalism of facilitators is demonstrated by their ability to deliver high quality content and effectively communicate with partners. These efforts are on top of their willingness to build relationships with teachers and connect to the human-side of this important work.” 

Acorn Education, Collaboration School Operating Partner