All our modules are SACE Endorsed

All our modules are SACE Endorsed

Every school faces a unique set of challenges and development goals for their teachers. The Accelerator Programme allows you to customise your learning journey by selecting from our course catalogue and stitching together a programme that builds skills coherently and comprehensively over time. Each module comprises the full Instill learning cycle; teachers complete online ‘self-work’ before each facilitated session, Instill facilitators deliver sessions on-site at times chosen by you, rubrics are provided to guide observations and feedback sessions between facilitated sessions. This cycle ensures that learning is reinforced and, most importantly, applied in the classroom. 

  1. Blended, competency based approach combining our online platform and facilitated sessions

  2. Highly practical, simulation focused model

  3. Create and sustain a culture of learning and collaboration 

  4. Build capacity of teachers to observe and provide effective feedback

  5. Increase the quality of teaching and learning in your classrooms

Provided with this programme:

  • Online Platform (sign up for free trial)

  • Assessment tools to support observations and feedback by instructional leaders

  • Facilitated sessions delivered by Instill Education faculty to teachers on-site and around your school timetable

Competencies covered by this programme:

  1. Behaviour for learning: manage behaviour to create an optimal learning environment

  2. Planning: create plans to reach desired outcomes for all learners

  3. Teaching strategies: deliver engaging lessons that set all learners up for success

  4. Data for learning: use data to assess learning throughout every lesson

  5. Literacy and numeracy: methods and approaches to improve fundamental skills

Additional services available on request:

  • Diagnostics: we collect baseline information through observations to better inform programme design

  • Observations and Feedback: we conduct observations and give feedback to your teachers after sessions to reinforce learning

  • Data Management: we either track data for you, or help you analyse data to get the most out of your programme