All our modules are SACE endorsed

All our modules are SACE endorsed

High quality professional development leading to measurable positive outcomes requires an investment of time, energy and money. Too often, external providers deliver sessions that aren’t contextually relevant or structured in a way that ensures learning is taken into the classroom. Our catalyst programme develops the skills of your instructional leaders so that they can both drive professional development in your school, and track teacher development data to show its impact on their practice and your learners’ achievement. We train you to facilitate, coach, observe and provide feedback to your teachers, then provide the resources (for online and facilitated sessions) they need to deliver high-quality, SACE-approved professional development. This should be the long term vision for every school as it drives a self-sustaining, cost-effective, flexible approach that will develop a culture of learning and instructional leadership in your school. 

  1. Capacitate your instructional leaders to drive effective PD in your school 

  2. Schedule unlimited sessions at no additional cost

  3. Access our content library including online and facilitated sessions

  4. Cost-effective, long-term approach

  5. Truly flexible, you schedule around your own timetable

Provided with this programme:

  • Online Platform (sign up for free trial)

  • Access to our resources: assessment tools and resources

  • Facilitated sessions: Delivered by Instill Education faculty to teachers

  • Instructional Leadership Coaching

Competencies covered by this programme:

  1. Behaviour for learning: manage behaviour to create an optimal learning environment

  2. Planning: create plans to reach desired outcomes for all learners

  3. Teaching strategies: deliver engaging lessons that set all learners up for success

  4. Data for learning: use data to assess learning throughout every lesson

  5. Literacy and numeracy: methods and approaches to improve fundamental skills

  6. Leadership: upskill instructional leaders to better support your teachers

Additional services available on request:

  • Diagnostics: we collect baseline information through observations to better inform programme design

  • Observations and Feedback: we conduct observations and give feedback to your teachers after sessions to reinforce learning

  • Data Management: we either track data for you, or help you analyse data to get the most out of your programme