SACE Accredited

SACE Accredited

Empower is our online programme that was designed to overcome the three main objections we hear from schools about professional development; time, cost, and resistance from teachers. This programme overcomes these challenges by providing mobile friendly, interactive, on-demand content curated from global best practice through their phones or desktops. Modules are bite-sized, typically taking between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Data is collected and shared with the user after completion of each module, and assessment tools are provided so that instructional practices from each module can be tested and reinforced in the classroom. Most importantly our content is highly practical, meaning that through practice, assessment and reflection, your teachers should start seeing improvements in their teaching abilities from the moment they start using the platform. 

  1. Learn at your own pace, online

  2. Content curated from global best practices

  3. Bite-sized, practical modules* 

  4. Transparently track your/your schools’ progress

  5. Engaging, active content

Our approach:


  • Online Platform 

  • Access to our resources: assessment tools 


  • Facilitated sessions: Delivered by Instill Education faculty to teachers

  • Instructional Leadership Coaching

Additional services available on request:

  • Diagnostics: we collect baseline information through observations to better inform programme design

  • Observations and Feedback: we conduct observations and give feedback to your teachers after sessions to reinforce learning

  • Data Management: we either track data for you, or help you analyse data to get the most out of your programme

Instill Competency Framework Areas Covered:

  1. Behaviour for learning: manage behaviour to create an optimal learning environment

  2. Planning: create plans to reach desired outcomes for all learners

  3. Teaching strategies: deliver engaging lessons that set all learners up for success

  4. Data for learning: use data to assess learning throughout every lesson

  5. Literacy and numeracy: methods and approaches to improve fundamental skills