An online programme designed to overcome the three main objections around professional development; time, cost, and resistance from teachers.


Customise your learning journey by selecting from our course catalogue and stitching together a programme for your unique set of challenges and development goals for your teachers.


Develop the skills of your instructional leaders so that they can both drive professional development in your school, and track teacher development data to show its impact on their practice and your learners’ achievement.


“Facilitated sessions are well planned for and delivered. Presenters are well equipped to answer and support teachers.”

- School Leader in Fisantekraal (WCED)

“Facilitated sessions have great content and the practice sessions always helps the teachers to grasp the concepts, and the data received from Instill is always useful and helps to understand the needs for my teachers.”

- Streetlight School Leader (Johannesburg)

“The richest feedback (for me) has come out of co-observation and subsequent discussion. This has helped to locate the techniques being taught within the classrooms of those participating in the training.” - Instructional Leadership Coach (WCED)

“The sessions are very engaging as well as specific and practical. Instill provided opportunities for us to reflect on our own practice and learn from our colleagues, while learning how to give and receive feedback ourselves”

- St. Johns’ Teacher-intern