Alim Ladha, Founder and ceo

Education Strategist, Founding CEO at ALU, and Former Associate Principal at McKinsey

Alim's strength lies in a deep understanding of how adults learn, strong experience in education strategy, and a passion for building new institutions.



Tom parry, co-founder and MD South Africa

Teach First Ambassador and CEO at Business Bridge

Tom has spoken to PGCE students demotivated by their training and the environment into which they are heading. He's also spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs who would be creating massive social change, if not for poor quality education. Tom believes that improving teacher education is key to solving long-term inequality.


Evan Instill Pic.jpg

Evan Hendon, Founding dean

Teach for America graduate, former Director of Operations at Relay Graduate School of Education

Evan has spent his career building education institutions that reduce education inequality. He has a broad understanding of education policy development, implementation and knowledge of education, financial, political and social issues faced by low-income communities particularly in the US and Sub-Saharan Africa.