Rethink Demo Account

Rethink/Instill Demo Subscription 

Rethink is an online platform that allows students to access Instill Education training content via their mobile devices, or laptop/computers.


You have unlimited access to all the courses the teachers have access to. Your demo subscription starts when you create your account and lasts for TWO WEEKS only. Once it expires you will see the module name colour change from burnt red to dark grey.

If you wish to have more permanent access to the platform please contact us. 

How to create an account 

Please click here to go to the login page. Click on Need a new account? Enter your details and then click Next. Your Access Code is DEMO

Home Page 

Once you create your account you will land on the Home Page. The Home Page shows all the courses that can be taken by participants in the Accelerator Programme. By clicking on a course, you will see it further broken down into individual modules. Simply click on a module to start taking the course. 

Navigating Courses 

To progress through the course you need to either click on the tick, type in an answer or answer the Multiple choice question. 


Please contact our Operations Associate Akona Maja on if you have any questions.